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TOTAL CALORIES: 628 CALORIES per recommended amount per person (Rounded up to 700 for standard error)

FEEDS: 5-7



I would like to add one more star and say this dish is difficult, but it really isn't. Although the calories were calculated at 628 calories, I did round it up to 700 calories to accommodate for my doubt in the calculations of the calories for the stock. This could also be a great vegetarian dish, if you cut out the duck of course, maybe replace with some vegan sausages.

600g fragrant White rice: 1986 calories

FARMFOODS EASY COOK crispy duck: 1455 calories (whole duck)

ALDI GRESSINGHAM crispy duck: 1396.5 calories (whole duck)

For this dish, we tried it with 2 different types of store bought duck. You can also do this with fresh duck from the store, just salt it and throw it in the oven. We used store bough duck because:

- We want half a duck and not the whole duck

- We want the pancakes and don't want to have to drive 16 miles to the nearest asian shop to get it

- If you don't have hoisin sauce sitting in your cupboard, the packaged one comes with it, so why bother buying all individual items when you can get the store bought one with everything in it.

The only thing missing was the courgette and spring onions, which I was happy to buy and prep myself. Now, between the two ducks, GRESSINGHAM was a complete beauty to pull apart and looked great, the meat pulled away from the skin easily in comparison to the FARMFOOD'S EASY COOK duck, but both tasted delicious and I would use any of them to be honest, GRESSINGHAM's takes the win in how well it cooked and puled, but Farmfood's had more meat. So, I am indecisive and would recommend both.


32 (pancake)

22 (hoisin sauce)

99 (duck per pancake)

4 (spring onions)

4 (courgette)

TOTAL: 161 per pancake

VEGETABLE CURRY (862 Calories)

76g roughly diced carrot: 32 calories

30g roughly diced parsnips: 23 calories

92g roughly diced Anaheim pepper: 34 calories

76g diced onions: 31 calories

44g chopped celery: 7 calories

45g quartered chestnut mushrooms: 10 calories

sesame oil (1 tsp): 50 calories

400g stock: 344 calories (estimated)

curry powder (2 tbsp): 41 calories

1 tsp mirin: 14 calories

1 tsp soy sauce: 6 calories.

30ml pomace oil – 270 calories


start by searing vegetables (parsnips at medium heat for 8 mediums with ½ tsp sea salt flakes and black pepper. Then take off the heat. Then add the sesame oil, mirin, soy sauce, mix and then add the flour and curry, and mix again until fully incorporated. We do this off the flames because the flour and curry spice will cause it to burn while on flames.

Add stock, mix and put on flames, leave on medium heat and allow it start to boil, then reduce to low heat of your biggest burner and simmer for 7 minutes. Make sure you constantly stir once it goes back on the flame so it does not burn at the bottom.


263g of rice – 256 calories

2 pancakes - 322 (@ 161 Calories each)

40g of curry sauce – 50 calories (maybe less if you don't like a lot of sauce)

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.

I was tempted to have another porti......actually, to be honest, I wanted the whole thing to myself, but the need to lose weight was strong on this day.


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