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Today, I have prepared a simple list I give to my clients, I call them the quality rules and ask clients to not go against these rules. I want you to memorise these and follow them religiously. There are consequences when any of these two rules are broken, and if caught, the consequences may sometimes be severe, just remember this quote below as you use these rules to help your business:

Your customers are way smarter than you think.


1) Source the best ingredients possible within your budget: If you skimp, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. Customers can sometimes tell a low-quality ingredient from a good one. Don't be afraid to do this, it is not necessarily about spending more, but mostly about recognising what makes an ingredient good. Skimping here is all about time rather than money. If you know how to tell a fish is fresh, then it is pretty easy to find 'good' fish, as you now know what to look for. Basically, take the time to learn how to source good ingredients, do not just buy any ingredient.

2) DO NOT MISTREAT INGREDIENTS: We can talk health and safety all day long about the dangers of not properly storing your ingredients, the dangers of not cooking them properly, or even the dangers of handling them, but that is for another day, another blog post. Any food business would have had to go through a health and safety appraisal, your health and safety documents talks about a lot of 'vulnerable' ingredients and how they should be handled and cooked, keep this close. Beyond this, look into getting a consultant to explain how to develop a good food maintenance system.

Here is a plan you can follow with most of your ingredients:

- What is my ingredient and how can I tell when it is fresh?

- What is the best way to store this ingredient?

- What is the best way to cook this ingredient?

If you leave with nothing else from our 5 days together talking about ingredients and customers, leave with this

Maintaining quality of ingredients from purchase to service will ALWAYS be the best thing to do and will speak volumes to the customer


Akudo Agokei.

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